Monday, March 05, 2012

....Am I back?

Almost half a decade later, here is a new post.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

OMFG - The Gamer's Prayer never rang more true

So I was playing Ninety-Nine Nights (N3) earlier on my Xbox360 trying to rebuild my character because of the little really stupid screw up where my character data got over written.

Yes, I understand tat it's my fault that I overwrote my data, but the save system in this game is utterly ridiculous in this game. When you save all the save slots are available to you, even the slots for other characters. Plus, After your first save into a slot, if your not paying attention you'd think your on the load screen and select another character... Long story Short I've had to rebuild at least 3 characters in the last two and a half months of gameplay ..including my system down time.

Anyway, I built up Myifee to Level 7 on his last stage and encounter my newly level maxed Vigk Vagk, who pretty much decimated my health bars. Come to one of the final boss battles of the game with roughly 25% health remaining, intro the untimely always a pain in the ass mandatory cut scene that repositions where you are on the field, like say right in the middle of the swarm with an enemy ready to swing. Needless to say less than two seconds after the scene ends I'm dead as I'm scrambling to hit my attack buttons.

Bad Game Design Angers me,
Evo Mad, Evo bash!
Grah! ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hang me out to dry...I'm Sorry.

So yeah, I was doing that thing that teachers do in school times and letting you, what readers I have entertain yourselves. LOL.. Yeah I know I couldn't get away with that, but it was better than saying I abandoned updating for almost two months.

Basically the work stuff, the trying to get my credit on track, fix up my car, start my own side biz, work on my web site, spec out and plan development of a carpc, look for a new job, look for potential love, etc kinda got in the way.

Now, I make no promises at this point but I shall remain faithful to you guys & gals. Follow up post to follow with actual content.

Again..Sorry. ^.^;